David Halbakken is a photographer who has had a variety of professional interests, and he still does. He earned a BA degree in fine arts then worked in silicon valley as a technician, engineer, writer, programmer, and software architect. His interest in photography has continued from the time when he was a young teen in the '60's. He has exhibited his photographic work in the San Francisco bay area, and he continues to sell stock photos through various agencies. Several of his photos hang in the homes of those who find his work inspiring.

David lives in Bangkok, Thailand, where he is known as Khun Deaf (Khun means Mr. in this case, and Deaf is the Thai way of saying Dave).

Artist's Statement

When I was young I loved to visit my uncle Bob in Chicago. One of my favorite outings was to go to the Chicago Art Institute. Lots of abstract expressionism. You might notice some influence here. You'll also notice many photos of folks whose language I cannot speak. It is exciting for me, though, to communicate with them through gestures and through the camera, resulting in the creation of simple, human bonds.